WTEN’s Tech Crunch Tuesday features Virtual Accounting Solutions

By Kristen D. Berdar

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This week we’re talking about virtual, cloud-based accounting solutions for businesses that may be looking to outsource their number crunching.

BST & Co. is an accounting, business advisory, and management consulting firm with offices in Albany. BST Partner Kristen Berdar created the firm’s Virtual Accounting Solutions Division five years ago. Her goal was to take advantage of the digital age and help businesses become more efficient in their accounting practices. But not having your ‘numbers’ person right down the hall was a hard sell at first.

Berdar said, “I felt that we really needed to utilize technology and innovate, to be able to provide them information in a way that they could understand it. People always feel that they need their accountant or bookkeeper literally sitting in the next office. It took a little bit of convincing at first, right? You don’t really need that. You need to have the information available, but you don’t need a physical body sitting there.”

Five years later, in the age of COVID, and Berdar’s division has realized client growth of 134%.

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