Get Rid of Tax Season Struggles

By Kristen D. Berdar

Every hour businesses spend doing taxes is an hour not spent moving the business forward. Outsourcing accounting and tax preparation can end the tax season scramble and help businesses save money, reduce errors, and devote more time to business-forward initiatives.

Get Rid of Tax Season

It’s officially tax season, which means many businesses are devoting days or weeks of staff time to gathering receipts, running reconciliations, producing financial statements, and hoping that in the end the tax hit won’t be that bad. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. As you’ll see, businesses that outsource to a trusted partner don’t need to have a “tax season” at all.

End the tax season scramble

Outsourcing accounting and finance functions can help you avoid the traditional tax season scramble, where businesses rush to prepare and file their returns, unsure of what the outcome will be. A trusted outside advisor will provide continual advisement and support throughout your financial life cycle — not just a few months a year — so you won’t have to scramble, and you won’t be hit by unpleasant surprises.

Let the experts do the work

Businesses are great at doing business, not taxes. When you outsource, you can keep your staff’s focus on the work they do best all year long. At the same time, you can take advantage of the expertise and experience of outside advisors whose business it is to stay on top of the latest trends, laws, rules, and regulations all year long.

Avoid costly errors

Business owners are so busy keeping up with day-to-day business operations that it’s easy to make mistakes on their taxes — whether by entering incorrect information or overlooking possible deductions. Experienced consulting firms understand ever-changing tax laws and can help you avoid costly errors.

Make a plan

“Tax season” implies a brief period in which businesses focus on their taxes, then ignore them the rest of the year. Outsourcing professionals can help you replace that turbulent model with a year-round tax plan that fits your business needs and objectives and takes advantage of every possible tax-saving strategy. Filing your taxes then becomes a formality instead of a business disruption.   

Get help from tax experts

At BST, our highly trained CPAs and other professionals develop relationships with our clients so we can help you develop a year-round tax plan that maximizes savings and minimizes costs. We also offer software options through Virtual Accounting Solutions that put data in your hands and you in control. As your trusted advisors, we’ll help you turn tax season into a low-stress, no-surprises event.