WTEN’s Tech Crunch Tuesday features Tax Tips with Judy Cahee

By Judy A. Cahee


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ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Tax season is upon us. As we prepare, everyone is thinking about ways to maximize those deductions. For this week’s ‘Tech Crunch’ we’re reminded of a new, special tax break for those who file a standard, non-itemized tax return as well as how you can take advantage of technology and not have to do any of this in person.

First, pandemic relief passed by congress has created a special but temporary break for donating to a qualified charity for the nearly 9 out of 10 taxpayers who take the standard deduction. 2021 may very well have been the last year for this so, take advantage.

Judy Cahee a CPA with BST & Co. says, “You can claim $600 on a married return. $300 on a single return towards your charitable contributions.”

Cahee recommends using a tax professional to help you navigate the ever-changing tax code and maximize your return. Also, BST offers its clients software options that will allow you to transmit all of your data electronically and ultimately eSign all documents, eliminating the need to do anything in person.

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